Our Community Partners

  • AWMA – Stone City Post VFW – Joliet,IL

  • Costco & Employees – Morris, IL

  • Financial Plus Credit Union – Morris, IL

  • Jewel Food Store – Morris, IL

  • Dollar General – Morris, IL

  • Advantage Realty – Morris, IL

  • Jack Hynds

  • Joan Eslingler

How our Community Helps

When a business in the community allows us to hold a fundraiser with no charge, everyone benefits from it.

– It saves us from an out of pocket expense, which allows us to put all funds raised in to the community where ever it’s needed.

– It benefits the business owner by bringing the community to their establishment.

Won’t you consider contacting us today, to partner with us?


Latest Community Activity

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The Hands of Dignity and Hope community needs your help and support to expand and grow. We want to better serve our communities and support more of the people in need.

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