Our Story

Founded April 2015

100% volunteer operated means that 100% of any and all funds raised or donations received go directly into providing assistance for those in in need in our community. We currently have a team of 10 volunteers who give generously of their time and energy to help make our commitment possible.

Contact us today if you are interested in helping us change the lives of those needing us in our community.

Why Give? By giving to us you are helping to provide

  • A meal to someone who may not otherwise would have had one.
  • A tank of gas to a struggling parent trying to make it to work for the week.
  • School supplies for kids.
  • Dignity items for those who can not afford them.
  • Everyone deserves to have soap and the necessary items for proper hygiene, and clean clothes.
  • Easter baskets.
  • Christmas presents.
  • No child should go without a Christmas present because their parents are struggling.
  • Holiday meals – Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

How we make a difference

Whether its food, furniture, clothes, hygiene items, or just a shoulder to lean on in a time of need. We are making a difference by building up our neighbors with the tools to make their life a little easier in these tough economic times.

Won’t you help us make a difference?

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